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About us

A Complete Solution to deep cleaning
of your mattress & upholstery

Allerx Cleaning Services L.L.C. is primarily a deep cleaning service provider that hygienically sanitizes your environment making your surroundings disease free as well as a cleaner and safer place to live in.

We at Allerx know the importance of personal hygiene and health. We are here in the UAE market with innovative products & procedures to deep clean mattresses and other soft furnishing without liquid solutions, chemicals and without causing damage to the fabric.

The Allerx Team, Headed by Gaston Dexter Pitchen – CEO, brings 30 years of experience in the Bedding and mattress hygiene industry here in the middle east.

The mattress-cleaning concept was born from the realizations that almost all hotels throw away their mattresses within a few years even though their supplier gives them a 10 year warranty, and the life of their mattress is 15 to 20 years. Our board director, whose wife and daughter suffer from extreme asthma as well as eczema, is passionate about cleaning all surfaces that may contain dust and allergens. Our goal is to spread this level of cleanliness all over the region.

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ISO 9001:2008

ISO 14001:2004

OSAS 18001:2007

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Freeze Treatment

The New non-pesticidal treatment system for the Control of Bed Bugs

Freeze Treatment is an environmentally friendly and patented technology that makes use of liquid carbon dioxide to freeze Bed Bugs to death. The patented nozzle ejects a carbon dioxide snow of optimum particle size and speed at temperatures below -100 F(-77 C) that quickly eliminates Bed Bugs. Learn More

Maintaining Your Mattress

An average life span of a modern mattress is between 15 to 20 years. It is Estimated that in 3 years, 10% of the weight of your mattress is dead skin and Dust mites. Regular cleaning of your mattress allows you to use the mattress through the full life and even longer if needed

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Yes, all humans shed half a kilo of dead skin every year and we spend 8 hours a day, i.e. 1/3rd of our lives on our mattress so we have a lot of dead skin & dust collecting in our mattress.
We at Allerx recommend mattress treatment and maintenance at least twice a year. In case an individual in your household suffers from and allergies, then we further recommend treatment every 3 months.
No, We are not a Pest control company. Our treatment is completely Organic and environmentally safe as well as chemical free. We eradicate all bed bugs through or specialized freeze treatment.
No, we do not use any chemicals. All our treatments are dry, chemical free and environmentally friendly.
No, all our treatments are dry, chemical free.
The complete treatment of a standard King Size mattress takes approx.. 25 minutes.

Mattress Warranty Against Bed Bugs

Exclusive with purchase of any mattress from ‘The Bedroom’
showrooms across UAE

Insure your home against beg bugs with Allerx Cleaning Services warranty exclusively with purchase of mattress from ‘The Bedroom’. With increasing number of people travelling and with the influx of tourists that the country is attracting, bed bugs have become very rampant. AllerX bed bug treatment kills the bed bugs at every stage with the new non-pesticidal treatment.

Get an additional discount on all other cleaning services from AllerX if you own an Intercoil Mattress.

Customer Information
Warranty Information
If you are facing any issues in registration. Please feel free to send us an email at

Reduction of bed bug populations is not difficult in most cases, however it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible to eliminate every last bug in some situations. If even one adult female survives, the environment may become re-infested over time. For this reason it is difficult to guarantee bed bug work.

Even the most experienced pest management firms will have their work cut out for them and it may be difficult, if not impossible, to guarantee the total elimination of bed bugs from some infested environments.

When dealing with a company like ours, consumers should inquire what the guarantee really covers, does it guarantee complete elimination and how long is the guarantee? Our warranty is limited to no longer than 3 years due to the potential for re-introduction of new bugs into the environment.

In the past, Bed bugs were treated with broad-spectrum pesticides such as DDT, which killed a wide variety of bug types. However, Concerns about health and the environment led to many of these pesticides being removed and banned from the UAE market.
Bed bugs travel well and are hitch hiking their way to your house in luggage and even clothing. The bugs are increasingly found hiding in beds, upholstered furniture and behind baseboards in urban hotels in the UAE. Since they tend to stow away and travel with humans, any tourist destination is susceptible.
This warranty includes the placement of a Bed but Monitor under your mattress. Once detected, Allerx will provide Freeze Treatment to Freeze and Kill all Bed bugs at any stage of their life. The warranty includes 3 free remedial treatments for your mattress (AED 435 value) if any live activity occurs during each year. Our warranty does not cover homes with current bed bug activity.
A bed bug infestation can happen in any home; they are caused by exposure not poor housekeeping practices. People who travel, those who have frequent guests, and families with college students (residing in dormitories or off-campus apartments) have increased exposure and are especially suited to this program. Anyone wanting to protect their home and family - and ensure they won't have to face the cost of treatment if they do get an infestation – should take up our warranty.
If you would like to purchase a mattress with a 5 year warranty against supplied by Allerx, Please ensure you purchase an Intercoil mattress after October 1st 2015.
Once you have purchased an Intercoil mattress that is covered with the Allerx warranty, within the first 5 years of usage, if you identify a bed bug infestation in your mattress, all you need to do is contact us with your registered details, and our staff will assist in the free treatment of your mattress that will be done up to 3 times in these 5 years.
This warranty comes free with the purchase of any Intercoil mattresses after October 1st 2015 anywhere in the UAE.
Once you receive the Warranty pack, please visit our website click Warranty Tab and submit your details along with your serial number.

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Contact Information

  • P.O.BOX : 124988 - Dubai - U.A.E.
  • Within UAE: 800 - ALLERX (255379) | Outside UAE: +971 4 269 8874
  • Fax: +971 4 261 5771

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